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Patta x Dekmantel 2016 Active Shorts


After last year’s successful drops, Dekmantel and Patta return with a new collection including two records and six streetwear pieces. For the first vinyl drop on July 28, Dekmantel is happy to present the repress of the sought-after 2015 Anthem ‘The Best I Could Do (With What I Had)’ by Young Marco. Dusty, shuffling grooves, fuzzy analogue melodies fused at a sleep-disco pace: this is pure and distinct transportive power. On the flip Amsterdam based LA producer Suzanne Kraft racks up an excellent remix. The suspense is almost unbearable as dusty, lo-fi drums lay down rattling patterns, before Kraft brings in warm, all-enveloping synth stabs.

Also, Dekmantel family member Tom Trago returns to the label with a ingenious rework of ‘Brutal Romance’ that’s included in the second drop on August 3. Peel back a layer of blue from the Amsterdam sky and fold yourself into a blanket of haze: Trago serves up a gloomy and exhilarating house jam - a twirling stretch of hypnosis that instantly alters the mood of any dancefloor. Versatile chief Gilb’R is on remix duties, adding an extra layer of fog to the sound palette. African percussion, psychedelic chords and spaced out echoes alter a super cool, weirdo tribal shaker.


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