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How to Design Creative Resistance and Counter Culture 

Gomes, Jetti Steffers (BAR), Olaf Boswijk (TrouwAmsterdam) & Shirin Mirachor (MONO)

Moderator: Eelco Couvreur
Guests: Jetti Steffers (BAR), Olaf Boswijk, Shirin Mirachor (MONO), Gomes

What feeds into creating a radical new cultural initiative? Is the frustration of lacking specific sounds or options in your direct surrounding a motivation to start innovative and progressive projects? And if so, where do you even begin? DJBroadcast's editor-in-chief Eelco Couvreur hosts a panel with TrouwAmsterdam’s founder Olaf Boswijk, BAR’s Jetti Steffers, Shirin Mirachor from MONO and dubstep DJ/promoter Gomes (OI) on designing counter culture.