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Feature Living Legends: The Pharoah Sanders Quartet & Cybotron Create Sounds of The Future

While 75% of this year's Dekmantel Festival line-up is comprised of festival newcomers, the Wednesday Concerts is rooted in modern music history, celebrating two pioneers: Pharoah Sanders Quartet & Cybotron.

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Feature Made in Mega-Cities: China's Underground Club Producers Break Through

If music has taught us anything in this century, it’s that the world gets smaller as the internet gets faster. But for a fifth of the world’s population, music portals like YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify are only been accessible to those who can crack the so-called “Great Firewall of China” and sidestep the country’s harsh censorship. In recent years, a new generation of Chinese DJs, producers and clubbers has begun to break down barriers and make their mark internationally.

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