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Spotify Playlist Dekmantel Selectors 2019

Keep track of the records played at Dekmantel Selectors 2019. Among the stream of music played at the Garden and the Barbarella's Discotheque, we're updating our Spotify list with new additions throughout the week.

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Beyond The Bos Adventures on the fringes of the Dekmantel Festival program

Considering the omnivorous attitude to music that fills out the Dekmantel Festival day-time program, it’s no surprise to see the event stretch out into a week of musical celebrations.

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Sound and Vision Dekmantel Festival's Thursday programme brings together three thrilling artists with totally different sound aesthetics

Thursday’s lineup at Dekmantel Festival features pulsing techno from Detroit producer Gerald Donald aka Arpanet, big booming drones from Seattle’s mighty Sunn O))), electronic explorations from shadowy figure John T Gast and the dark dancefloor mutations of Manchester duo Demdike Stare, among many others.

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