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Between December 14th and 23rd, online magazine Dekmantel Connects will offer a carefully curated programme covering a broad spectrum of electronic music interests.

Dekmantel Connects will stimulate thought and conversation, offers ideas for aspiring music professionals as well as enjoying music, all while making connections between different aspects of the (electronic) music world. In uncertain times, we are grateful to collaborate with Bud and Lynk & Co to make Dekmantel Connects happen. Check the full programme here, or scroll down for more info.

Live Acts

The immersive offerings include Live Acts, which are live-streamed sets from bands, musicians, producers and visual artists. Live acts come from the likes of Altın Gün, Animistic Beliefs, Arp Frique & Family, BEA1991, De Ambassade, Parrish Smith, Peaking Lights and upsammy amongst others

DJ Shows

A special series of DJ Shows will see established talents playing back-to-backs with exciting up and coming artists on a special set-up. Both DJs play on their own DJ-set having full control over both their own set and that of their companion. This offers new ways for creativity: from layering multiple tracks to battling it out by surprising each other with selections or skills. On the bill are Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom, Sandrien (house-set) & Fafi Abdel Nour, Cinnaman & Nala Brown, Intergalactic Gary & mad miran, DJ Marcelle & my name is not mata, amongst others.

Panels, Workshops & In Conversation With

A core part of the offerings will be the Panels and Workshops, which are hosted by experts in their field. Both programme parts see artists, creatives and thought-leaders from both inside and outside of the Dutch music industry to discuss subjects such as Creativity amidst a pandemic and Building, nourishing and growing a local community, Mixing & mastering: understanding the basics with MarcoAntonio Spaventi, Music rights and alternative income streams for independent artists with Donelle Kosch and Finding funding: where to start? with Femke Dekker. A series of intimate one-on-one Q&As with Jameszoo, DJ Marcelle and Cinnaman rounds off this artist-focused activity.


In Amsterdam, two Films - Dekmantel & RE:VIVE present Scores III w/ Interstellar Funk and Guenter Råler, and Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story - will be shown to crowds of 30 people at De Melkweg’s cinema (tickets are sold out). Spaces can be reserved on their website, and will include a post-film Q&A.


Lastly, running throughout the daily programme will be day-long Radio Broadcasts hosted by the well-known Rush Hour, our friends at Patta, Rotterdam club-expo space MONO, LGBTQIA+ collective IsBurning, The Hague's newest radio station Future Intel and more.

The programme has its own visual identity by Natalia Stuyk, with sound design by upsammy.


Do I have to pay for the stream?

It's your lucky day: you don't! It's totally free for everyone, worldwide.

Will the video streams be archived?

Yes, but at a later point - we'll keep you updated about this. We hope to see you tune in during December 14-23 though, so you can see the whole thing live!

Where can I buy tickets or the offline film programme?

Tickets for our offline film programme are sold out. You are still able to watch RE:VIVE & Dekmantel present Scores III through our website on Wednesday December 16th from 9pm (CET).

Will there be a timetable?

There will be a timetable, without any doubt. We will announce this a week before the event - keep an eye on our website (the page you're on now) or our social media channels to stay up-to-date.

When will the radio artists be announced?

All artists who will play the radio streams - which are hosted by some of our favourite Dutch initiatives / collectives - will be announced in the week before the event. Don't forget to check in on our website and social media every now and then to stay tuned about this.

Any other question(s)?

No worries, we got you. Drop us an email on [email protected] and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.