Dekmantel | A 2021 wrap-up: podcasts
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A 2021 wrap-up:

In the hours and hours of music spread out across fifty-two Dekmantel Podcasts and a handful of our dedicated Selectors Podcasts, we have been honoured to showcase a treasure of thrilling artists from all hues of our musical world and beyond.

Dekmantel Podcast

Throughout 2021, our weekly Dekmantel Podcast featured 52 artists we as Dekmantel connect with, each embodying their musical variety and broadening our horizon. Looking back on all the great mixes that came out this year, we asked Bert de Rooij – curator of the Dekmantel Podcast – about his vision and thoughts when it comes to the artists he invites for a mix: "Curating the series is hard as we only have 52 slots per year and the amount of interesting artist to ask is basically endless. As with our festivals and label, we try to showcase a very broad spectrum of sounds, so I tried to include all corners of our musical universe as best as possible," he says. "Next to that, I try to favour lesser known artists with our platform instead of well-established artists. I love it when an amazing DJ like Wonja, who is not as well known in Europe I guess, creates what I see as one of the mixes of the year.”

"It's hard to pick more favourites as I think most of the mixes were super good, perhaps also because artists had more time to work on it due to corona," he continues. "But from the top of my head, I think Akua's is really good: it’s a great set to dance to but also a time-document into the realm of techno. Other ones that cross my mind are Gavilán Rayna Russom's masterclass and the contributions from Zvrra, Karima F, Lukid, B12, Darwin, Dis Fig, and Terrence Dixon’s live-set."

If you'd like to listen back to everything that featured on our Dekmantel Podcast series in 2021 and before, you can find the full catalog of mixes below.

Selectors Podcast

In our Selectors Podcast series, we invited a variety of artists from our Dekmantel Selectors festival line-up to dig deep in their unique collections. The idea is to create a mix revolving around a central theme — either focusing on a specific period of time or any theme with the artist being free in their choice. This could practically entail anything: a certain decennium, the time they fell in love or music from a specific scene or area. For this year's edition of Dekmantel Selectors, we took a peek into the music collections of Mika Oki and DJ Python, and 2022's series was kicked off by merel rhizoom.