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Introducing Artist Picks, worthwhile releases handpicked by artists close to us. This week we've invited Tygapaw for a takeover. Her pick? Russell E.L. Butler's 'Blah Blah'. Read on for the full insights.


Russell E.L. Butler - Blah Blah

January 15, 2021

Tygapaw: "The thing that really pulls me into Russell's music is that they have the gift of injecting soul into the hardware they create their music with, the groove brings everything to life, and find that very compelling. While listening to this album, I feel this sense of comfort and ease; there's such a nice flow and vibe with the rhythm with all the subtle variations to the beat. I almost didn't know about this record because of how much it has been overlooked on music platforms, so I'm happy I get the opportunity to tell people about this project. Highlights for me are 'Tout Va Bien' and 'Alone at Pisecka'."

Listen to Blah Blah here:

Dengue Dengue Dengue

Howie Lee - 7 Weapons Series

November 27, 2020

Dengue Dengue Dengue: "We discovered Howie’s music through Maloca records, a new label from Belgium we’ve been following since it started, runned buy the talented Le Motel. Howie Lee is a Beijing based musician and we picked this EP because the masterful way he blends different styles of traditional Chinese music with modern electronic sounds and club music techniques. This is a records that has been on repeat for the last weeks on our media player."

Listen to the 7 Weapons Series here:

Mary Lake

Human Space Machine - Cycle

November 9, 2020

Mary Lake: "Human Space Machine (HSM) got my attention with his contribution to De Lichting's Drie Punt Twee release last September. Now, HSM is returning on De Lichting with his second solo EP ever, named Cycle. I picked this EP as it captures a wide range of moods - with 2020 being an emotional rollercoaster, Cycle is a perfect reflection of today's zeitgeist. Shout out to De Lichting for their consistency and refined taste - very excited to see what more they will bring in the future."

Listen to the Cycle here:

Fafi Abdel Nour

Alex Kassian - Oolong Trance

October 22, 2020

Fafi Abdel Nour: "I've been following Love On The Rocks and Alex Kassian for a while now. Their releases have always been uplifting in some kind of way. The melodies and constant driving groove is what attracted me to this EP. All of the mixes have their own characteristics that set them apart, but the paradise mix is my favorite! Also, the Telephones contribution is killer."

Listen to the Oolong Trance here:



October 7, 2020

Violet: "Troublemaker are a young Lisbon-based collective and label founded by beatmaker and DJ Phoebe, which focuses on the POC queer community in the city and the rich variety of incredible music they are producing. This new compilation is a beautiful collection of their tracks, from the ambient anthem of resistance by Jota Mombaça to the politically-charged dancefloor bangers/unifiers by Herlander (this one will bring you to tears) and Tita Maravilha to the beautiful R&B variations by Killian and FABZ & DEADFLYINGTHINGS or the futuristic belter by Phoebe to name just a few. I can't pick a fav among all 10 tracks and that's a wonderful feeling. Also, while you're at it, check out their merch section cause their new tee is so dope!"

Listen to the 001_Resistance compilation here:


Nixtrove - after

September 24, 2020

Stenny: "Nixtrove is a talented producer from Canada. His output articulates through hazy IDM, fast paced breakcore and electronic experiments of diverse intensity and character. I stumbled upon his music on Bandcamp a while ago and I was immediately captured. Every track showcases original ideas through diverse layers of complexity, superb programming skills and a remarkable sensibility towards rhythm and harmony. I've picked a track from his latest release called Loste vent. Outstanding and Inspiring stuff.

Listen to after here:

Ase Manual

Ivy Hollivana - N3VR

September 9, 2020

Ase Manual: "N3VR by Hollivana is my pick. I first came in contact with Hollivana through an illustration she did of bbymutha a few years back. The moment I heard the first 10 seconds of Hollivana's new release N3VR, I knew it was going to become one of my favorite songs. It's something about the musics texture accompanied by her drifty yet opera-like singing that is so addictive. I play this song about 5 times a day."

Listen to N3VR here:

Karima F

Yssue – Naturalist EP

August 29, 2020

Karima F: "Out of all my despicable personality traits – of which there are many – the one that consistently lands me in trouble is the impulse to judge movies before having seen them. Mediocre posters, unimpressive remakes, sickening tag-lines, cliche plots, Paul Rudd – all deadly blows to the potential pleasure and excitement of watching a movie all the way to the final credits (but to be fair, I’m always right).

Music, however, doesn’t suffer the same arrogant standards, and I’ll happily recommend it immediately after pressing play, sometimes even before hearing the music (unless it's by Paul Rudd). Yssue’s 'Naturalists EP', on the french label Kump, is one such release (I’ve only heard snippets). This geographically scattered EP features industrial-ish, EBM-flirting dance music from Russian artist Yssue (Dmitry Nekrotkov), with remixes from Ayaz (Azerbaijan) and DJ-duo DJ PG (Switzerland). I’ve enjoyed all the previous releases on Kump, and this is no exception. I am looking forward to playing the record all the way to the end."

Listen to Naturalist EP here:


Tre Oh Fie - Fie Instrumentals Vol​.​1

August 20, 2020

Leonce: "I'm choosing 'Fie Instrumentals Vol. 1' by Tre Oh Fie as one of my favorite new releases. Tre is a rising underground producer known for his "Soflo Jook" style of Miami club music and his sound is finally starting to catch on in different parts of the world. I love his tracks and the playfulness of his sample flips, his style is the sound of today's energetic youth and a reminder that the best club tracks aren't burdened by scene pretentiousness."

Listen to Fie Instrumentals Vol.1 here:

DJ Plead

Iceboy Violet - Drown to Float, picked by DJ Plead

July 30, 2020

DJ Plead: "Iceboy Violet is a producer and vocalist from Manchester. I don't know much about them yet but I've been left haunted by this ambient record Drown to Float. I've since heard a sharp, Henzo produced grime tune with Iceboy Violet vocals across it - very high quality and quite strange."

Listen to Drown to Float here:


traumgarten - Flowers that Bloom at Midnight, picked by Nazira

July 9, 2020

Nazira: "I chose this beautiful 30-track compilation, the first release of traumgarten’s label endeavors. The collective did a lot, from ambient sessions in the gardens and collaborating on bigger festivals to releasing the most beautiful t-shirts in the business. Along the way they grew a community of friends with similar vision and different ways to express it, who they asked to contribute and this compilation was born. With a focus on ambient, it shows all the edges of the genre, it’s breathing and evolving and dynamic. The compilation brings you a sense of peace and takes you for a walk in its dreamscape, in 'the place we all go to in our sleep'. There’s a poem by Manal Aziz released with the compilation and I want to share my favorite bit of it: "

and when you see Her you will know:
She had a dream

and in it, She found everything She never was,
She never wanted
and with it, She would bond like the stars that come and go.

and from this bond, a light would be born.

Listen to auratekh - Lunar Talisman here:

Loraine James

Xzavier Stone - XZ, picked by Loraine James

June 27, 2020

"I’ve chosen ‘XZ’ by Xzavier Stone which I found on good ol’ Bandcamp. The EP is a great taster of what’s to come from this guy honestly. It's an awesome mix of rap with experimental electronic music that would sound amazing in the clubs!"
- Loraine James

Listen to Shea Butta here:

Jamie Tiller

RAMZi - Malaga Trancehall, picked by Jamie Tiller

May 26, 2020

"Despite the pretty bleak climate we’re in there’s been quite a lot of inspired and also hopeful new music to surface the last couple of months. It was hard to pick a favourite from Phoebé Guillemot’s beautiful new digital-only album ‘cocon’ but I’ve gone with the brilliantly titled ‘Malaga Trancehall’. Planet RAMZi is a place I’m always happy to visit, a real maze you wanna get lost in, and this track really sends me somewhere else. I loved the use of the sitar, performed by Bear Bones Lay Low, which glides across the gentle dancehall rhythms, bubbling sounds and dreamy keys, and gives the track this real celestial feeling." - Jamie Tiller

Listen to Malaga Trancehall here:

RAMZI's new album cocon is out on FATi Records, and available on Bandcamp.


Isabella - Melody Depleted, picked by CEM

May 14, 2020

"I’ve chosen Isabella‘s debut album on iDeal Recordings called "Melody Depleted“ as one of my favourite recent releases. This one hits every nerve of mine. It’s really a great release from an upcoming producer, and she seems to effortlessly mix of industrial soundscapes, sweaty EBM and traces of trance and electro. It shows a lot of versatility in her vision, I’m super excited about her development."

Listen to Take One And Two here:

Melody Depleted is out on iDEAL Records, and available here.

Lena Willikens

Azu Tiwaline - Draw Me A Silence Part 1, picked by Lena Willikens

April 29, 2020

"Some weeks ago, when I received the promo of 'Draw Me A Silence Part 1' I was intrigued right away. It doesn't happen often that I could barely decide which of the tracks I want to include in my radio shows and mixes — but in this case all of them were so good! I know that I'm an easy target for dubbed polyrhythmics… but this album is so much more, it makes you soflty move while giving you a warm tender hug.“
- Lena Willikens

Listen to Berbeka here:

Draw Me A Silence Part 1 is out on I.O.T. Records, and available on Bandcamp. The second half of the double LP, Draw Me A Silence Part 2, is out May 29.


Tomás Urquieta - Síntesis de Fricción, picked by Darwin

April 16, 2020

"'A bitter message of hopeless grief' was the note Tomás Urquieta left on his latest record 'Síntesis de Fricción'. The release was meant as a sonic commentary about the riots that were taking place in the Chilean's country, but its mood could easily be translated to our current global situation. 'Dopamina' envokes a taunting rebellious spirit when you listen to it, dark pressure but with the fire of Latin percussion. My favorite thing about this record is that Tomás is able to fuse my love for chest-rattling bass-heavy rhythms with the fuck you attitude of the punk and hardcore scenes we both came from. The title track 'Síntesis de Fricción' is a buzz saw club roller while the B2 'Céfiro' is a definite check as a head trip and a half. One final dorky note... I was super stoked to see the LATAM connection between him and Colombian label Insurgentes!" - Darwin

Listen to Dopamina here:

Síntesis de Fricción is out on INSURGENTES, and available on Bandcamp.

Lauren Hansom

Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania, picked by Lauren Hansom

April 3, 2020

"Tornado Wallace’s new LP titled 'Midnight Mania' is one of my favourite releases of the month. Perhaps it's because I am back in nature in Australia and the layered textures of psychedelic melodies and organic percussion are fitting... Or perhaps 'Midnight Mania' is my pick of the month because the whole 5 track mini LP is absolutely genius and wild (not to mention Stacie Ant's accompanying video to the title track of the album). Definitely one not to miss." - Lauren Hansom

Listen to Midnight Mania here:

Midnight Mania is out on Optimo Records, and available at the label's Bandcamp.

Deena Abdelwahed

3Phaz - Three Phase, picked by Deena Abdelwahed

March 18, 2020

"When first heard 3Phaz Live in Lyon during Nuits Sonores, it got me super excited and emotional. The chances to attend live shows or DJ set of an artist who deconstructs music of your local surroundings, and adapts it to this context contemporary club, is rare. He goes way beyond just using sound references to exoticize his tracks — he surely was inspired by today’s club culture to express Mahraganat music. Classy mixing and exciting arrangements, I use and abuse his tracks in my DJ sets." - Deena Abdelwahed

Listen to Dawayer here:

Three Phase releases March 27 on 100Copies, pre-order on vinyl or at the label's Bandcamp.