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Introducing artist picks, worthwhile releases handpicked by artists close to us. This installment, CEM walks us through why Isabella's debut LP on iDEAL is one of his current favourites.

Isabella - Melody Depleted, picked by CEM

May 14, 2020

"I’ve chosen Isabella‘s debut album on iDeal Recordings called "Melody Depleted“ as one of my favourite recent releases. This one hits every nerve of mine. It’s really a great release from an upcoming producer, and she seems to effortlessly mix of industrial soundscapes, sweaty EBM and traces of trance and electro. It shows a lot of versatility in her vision, I’m super excited about her development."

Listen to Take One And Two here:

Melody Depleted is out on iDEAL Records, and available here.

Azu Tiwaline - Draw Me A Silence Part 1, picked by Lena Willikens

April 29, 2020

"Some weeks ago, when I received the promo of 'Draw Me A Silence Part 1' I was intrigued right away. It doesn't happen often that I could barely decide which of the tracks I want to include in my radio shows and mixes — but in this case all of them were so good! I know that I'm an easy target for dubbed polyrhythmics… but this album is so much more, it makes you soflty move while giving you a warm tender hug.“
- Lena Willikens

Listen to Berbeka here:

Draw Me A Silence Part 1 is out on I.O.T. Records, and available on Bandcamp. The second half of the double LP, Draw Me A Silence Part 2, is out May 29.

Tomás Urquieta - Síntesis de Fricción, picked by Darwin

April 16, 2020

"'A bitter message of hopeless grief' was the note Tomás Urquieta left on his latest record 'Síntesis de Fricción'. The release was meant as a sonic commentary about the riots that were taking place in the Chilean's country, but its mood could easily be translated to our current global situation. 'Dopamina' envokes a taunting rebellious spirit when you listen to it, dark pressure but with the fire of Latin percussion. My favorite thing about this record is that Tomás is able to fuse my love for chest-rattling bass-heavy rhythms with the fuck you attitude of the punk and hardcore scenes we both came from. The title track 'Síntesis de Fricción' is a buzz saw club roller while the B2 'Céfiro' is a definite check as a head trip and a half. One final dorky note... I was super stoked to see the LATAM connection between him and Colombian label Insurgentes!" - Darwin

Listen to Dopamina here:

Síntesis de Fricción is out on INSURGENTES, and available on Bandcamp.

Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania, picked by Lauren Hansom

April 3, 2020

"Tornado Wallace’s new LP titled 'Midnight Mania' is one of my favourite releases of the month. Perhaps it's because I am back in nature in Australia and the layered textures of psychedelic melodies and organic percussion are fitting... Or perhaps 'Midnight Mania' is my pick of the month because the whole 5 track mini LP is absolutely genius and wild (not to mention Stacie Ant's accompanying video to the title track of the album). Definitely one not to miss." - Lauren Hansom

Listen to Midnight Mania here:

Midnight Mania is out on Optimo Records, and available at the label's Bandcamp.

3Phaz - Three Phase, picked by Deena Abdelwahed

March 18, 2020

"When first heard 3Phaz Live in Lyon during Nuits Sonores, it got me super excited and emotional. The chances to attend live shows or DJ set of an artist who deconstructs music of your local surroundings, and adapts it to this context contemporary club, is rare. He goes way beyond just using sound references to exoticize his tracks — he surely was inspired by today’s club culture to express Mahraganat music. Classy mixing and exciting arrangements, I use and abuse his tracks in my DJ sets." - Deena Abdelwahed

Listen to Dawayer here:

Three Phase releases March 27 on 100Copies, pre-order on vinyl or at the label's Bandcamp.