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Introducing Artist Picks, worthwhile releases handpicked by artists close to us. This week we've invited SKY H1 for a takeover. Her pick? HTRK's "Over The Rainbow". Read on for the full insights.


HTRK - Over the Rainbow

March 7, 2024

I only have a couple of things on constant rotation, and HTRK’s whole catalogue is a part of that. 'Over the rainbow' is HTRK’s only fully instrumental album, as it serves as the score for a documentary film (Over the Rainbow - Jeremy Peixoto). This came out 5 years ago but I still listen to it every couple of weeks.The whole album feels really hazy and moody and slightly eerie, full of ambient pads, with a lot of the songs having that hooky feeling that Nigel Yang really does so well and that would be more obvious on their other albums in combination with Jonine’s vocals.

Rachel Green

Deena Abdelwahed - The Key to the Exit

February 20, 2024

Rachel Green: "I’m a big fan of Deena’s work in general, she’s able to bring across identity and experiment in her work, which I admire. Surrounding all sorts of different frames of Arabic dance music.

I’ve been playing 'The Key to the Exit' in almost all recent sets. I discovered it works for me in two different ways; it originally goes around 100 bpm, which I love listening to and makes me want to dance slow and intimate, but when I pull it out of it’s original tempo and play it on 160 bpm it becomes a high-energy dance floor track with still sort of a slow sexy pace to it. When I loop certain parts I can use it as a tool to elevate all sorts of blends, and make it come back in other moments of my set. Such a beautiful and versatile track

Mama Snake

xupid - Material World

October 9, 2023

Mama Snake: "This track is from the recent collaboration capsule release we did between my label Amniote Editions and our friends from Berlin Mala Junta and is by an artist called xupid. I love this track and have played it in all my sets this summer. It’s extremely sexy and makes me want to move my body in all kinds of R rated ways. The texture is rich and gritty without feeling distorted or lofi. It’s got this nice, rolling energy and groove that has references to early 2000s tribalistic techno without sounding retro and I really rate how submerged in sound you feel from it when it’s played on a good sound system, it makes me want to leave the DJ booth and join the dancefloor. I love the breakbeat breakdowns and how it picks back up again. I like using it to switch between energies in my sets as this track somehow works well with many different genres - it’s been really fun hearing friends play it out these last few months, from JEANS playing it at 160 bpm mixed tripped out Delft crew sounds to D.Dan mixing it with his classy techno selections. I hope to get more tracks from xupid asap, the track from the kaptcha compilation also slaps."

Listen to Material World here:


DiGJiT - All My Friends Are DJs

September 5, 2023

Danielle: "A fresh but equally old school sounding electro track from DiGJiT. I like it's simplicity but also it's got a pretty strong groove that you can lock into very easily, any sort of track that has that kind of combination is always a winner in my eyes. I really enjoy playing electro in my sets amongst the house and techno as it switches things up in a way people often don't expect, but always enjoy."

Listen to All My Friends Are DJs here:


Primrose - Los Angeles Wingspan

July 7, 2023

Or:la: "This is the latest one out on my label, by Primrose. It definitely falls under the dance music umbrella, but the way the different melodies develop and evolve hint more towards a song writing approach and really tell a story. the EP encompasses everything I try to cover within my sets - it's trippy, euphoric and thought provoking but still pretty pumping."

Listen to Primrose - Los Angeles Wingspan here:


Nikos - Metaturnal EP

June 29, 2023

D.Dan: "A delightful intersection of bass, techno, trance and organic percussions that tickles my brain and ears in just the right ways. The themes and energies in these tracks translate very clearly to me, I feel like they've been distilled into their pure essence with all of the sounds conversating together and nothing 'extra' unnecessarily added on top, no distractions! This kind of minimalistic approach that manages to feel this organic, rich and expansive yet tightly programmatic at the same time is something I've always found very stimulating, almost like a puzzle."

Listen to Metaturnal EP here:

Marie K

Javi - Exercise of Concentration

June 16, 2023

Marie K: "This killer ep is self-released by my friend Javi. I first heard "Exercise of Concentration" in London, where he’s based. It gripped me from the start, as it has such a unique energy that really sets the dancefloor on fire. I love the way he combines old school trancy grooves and pop sounds with meticulous modern bleeps and bits. It’s an exciting journey that explodes the minute you hear that vinyl stop in the middle, which makes you think the party is over, when in fact it's just about to start ;) I’ve played it a lot in my sets and it makes me happy every single time. “If You Didn’t Do It” is everything I love in a track. It has the dirty, dark basslines, sexy chopped vocals, it's super quirky and poppy, and the old school percussion is the cherry on top. In short two stunning tracks that are an instigator at any club or festival. Can't wait for more music by Javi!"

Listen to Exercise of Concentration here:

Lefto Early Bird

Melati ESP - hipernatural

May 17, 2023

Lefto Early Bird: "I've always been a fan of artists using a foreign language (anything but english) on club music, think Yaeji or Photek's 'Glamourama'. Melati Malay was born in Indonesia and moved to New York (not sure exactly when) and despite being scared of using the Indonesian language due to insecurities around not knowing the language very well, she did just great on this release. The record is co-produced by Kaazi (100% Silk, Asa Tone) and I really like the dreamy synths, the sounds of a big forest in the background, the soft approach of rhythm and also her voice almost used as a sample itself. It feels like a record made on a sister planet of our own planet, a place where nature blends with human technology. Listen to this record walking in the park/forest on a rainy day and pay attention to the rain drops on leaves."

Listen to hipernatural here:


Aa Sudd - Pushedd

May 7, 2023

Nelly: "This insane release is from Aa Sudd a.k.a. Vector Trancer. The man behind the beautiful Hyperterranean mix series on LYL Radio and also sick dj & producer crafting the most wicked hypnotic tracks. When listening to ‘Pushedd’ I instantly get the feeling of being sucked into a dark foggy swamp. An atmosphere I often like to create on the dancefloor or either in a listening trip."

Listen to Pushedd here:


Fantastic Man - Beyond Control

April 18, 2023

Paramida: "Fantastic Man’s discography is as consistent as it gets. He’s one of the best contemporary producers & DJs out there. Someone who will leave a mark in dance music history and while all of his music is great, this new release „Beyond Control’ is arguably one of the best tracks in recent time. Alex Kassian and I have been rinsing it out!"

Listen to Beyond Control here:


Claudia Sin - Panic

March 30, 2023

Garçon: "I came across this song before travelling to Japan last October. It became a kind of soundtrack to my trip and has stayed with me ever since. Claudia Sin is an Artist from Naarm/Melbourne in Australia who I hadn't heard before discovering this compilation. It literally froze me when I first heard it. There is some music that has a certain 'silence' to it and I often look for that feeling in music and got that instantely with this one. I like it when everything stands still and the piece could play on forever. Those dark drone sounds and the way they combine it with their voice is both giving you sorrow and pure joy. It's one of those songs I would end a set with."

Listen to Panic here:


FOXTROTT - Take it Back / Go for Joy

March 16, 2023

Gayance: ''FOXTROTT is a treasure, she's one of the musicians who always brings me to tears when I hear her songs. Her EP ''Take it Back / Go For Joy'' is like a friendly hug from a close friend. Her ways of awakening faith and love in her cinematic sounds are just pure magic. She's Canadian / Montreal excellence and an artist who really inspires me."

Listen to Take it Back / Go For Joy here:

Emma DJ

Florence Sinclair - White Horse

March 2, 2023

Emma DJ: "Florence Sinclair is the artist I've been doom repeating the most lately. I was late to the party on his music, White Horse is the first song I discovered of him. It makes me nostalgic in similar ways as Babyfather or Frank Ocean's Blonde without actually sounding like them. When I listen to some of his other works like Gentle Decay (album), I feel he's one of the most exciting artists around at the moment. His palette is so versatile and yet very singular, it just makes me impatient to hear what he's going to drop next."

Listen to White Horse here:

Dis Fig


February 19, 2023

Dis Fig: "KING VISION ULTRA never fails to deliver. Each record building a new world. This time it’s SHOOK WORLD. And it’s one that encapsulates the real character of NYC and honors its tradition of mixtape culture. I would recommend not to snooze on this one."

Listen to SHOOK WORLD here:


Saint Abdullah & Eomac - Patience Of A Traitor

November 16, 2022

E‐Saggila: "I've been a big fan of Saint Abdullah for a while now and this record with Eomac really tells a story through this emotional attachment to culture and tradition. Their work is mainly sample based which I feel demonstrates more intimacy with the artist and the pieces they source together. Both Eomac and Saint Abdullah deliver a personal narrative through this release and I think everyone should give it a listen."

Listen to Patience Of A Traitor here:


Fret - Because Of The Weak

November 3, 2022

Gooooose: "I'm always fascinated with things that have minimalistic structure but could carry very strong emotions, whether it's music, painting or an art piece in general. These tracks all fell into this category to me, sounding like some sticky and angular organic architecture."

Listen to Because Of The Weak here:

Half Queen

Animistic Beliefs - MERDEKA

October 18, 2022

Half Queen: "With every NAAFI release, I am left guessing, sweating, wandering around in a state of euphoric, cooked bliss. Animistic Belief's MERDEKA came across my radar on one of my usual Bandcamp sifts. There are a lot of club oriented records coming out constantly, but in recent times, few have engaged me like this one. It's like an unfurling of multiple states within a person, and it is so glaringly obvious that everything in this storytelling was deeply considered. I want to live inside it."

Listen to MERDEKA here:


Julian Zyklus - Waterpiano

October 4, 2022

ABADIR: "Waterpiano by Julian Zyklus has been one of my favourite releases this year so far. Released on the Seattle based label Hush Hush Records, Waterpiano is a work of beauty, emotionally charged thanks to its dreamy atmosphere and delicate sound. In the album’s four pieces, Zyklus relies solely on a piano manipulated with his Max for Live patches, creating rich, bubbly and fluid textures with various types of delays, which hooks the listener in an immersive listening experience. Each track consists of a cascade of contemplative melodies where we can easily identify moments below the water surface, others floating in the air and, finally, silent moments which leave the ears thirsty for new melodies. Waterpiano is unique with its simplicity and soothing aesthetics, it’s a real break from everything."

Listen to Waterpiano here:

Simo Cell


July 13, 2022

Simo Cell: "The release from Gohda just came out on Dawn records, criminally underrated label run by the amazing Hajj. As a big fan of the post dubstep era that came around 2011, this album drove me crazy.

It didn't just make me nostalgic, it also excited me a lot. Ghoda managed to bring his own touch for a proper post dubstep facelift ! It's like a brilliant mix between r&b, drill, bass and edm.

Favourite personal track from the ep: For Awhile..."


Renata Do Valle

Shakenna - I Bet You (Dub Version)

March 12, 2022

Renata Do Valle: "This sweet reggae bomb reissue, Shakenna - I Bet You, sails back into 2022 caring all its lucid dream-inducing lyrics over a cruising beat, interlaced with magic melodies. The Dub Version is my favorite, bound to speed up heartbeats and slow down sunsets - All I (we) could hope for this upcoming spring/summer.

Shakenna - I Bet You is out now on 'Miss You' sub-label for Sound Metaphors. Produced by Los Angeles based reggae master drummer, Patrick Houchen aka Shakaman."

Listen to I Bet You (Dub Version) here:

Rey Colino

Idee Du Femelle - SEQUENCES

February 11, 2022

Rey Colino: "Recorded in 1987 in Terrassa, Catalonia, and originally released on a tape in 1988 in a very small edition (30 copies), Idee Du Femelle' Sequences album is as adventurous and transgressive as it is visionary.

Right there, at the intersaction of ambient 90s techno and 80s industrial music, this is a prime example of reissue done right: original artwork with a custom-made sleeve and a very informative triptych linear notes.

A delight for the ears and eyes. Essential.

Listen to SEQUENCES here:

Mark Knekelhuis

Lara Sarkissian - In The Form Of A Sphinx

November 25, 2021

Mark Knekelhuis: "Lara Sarkissian has become one of my favourite artists in recent years. She lives in Oakland SF, where she hosted the CLUB CHAI events with 8ULENTINA and ran the same-titled label (which is sadly disbanded this year). I was glad to see Lara's contribution to this 30 years of Club Tresor compilation. Imagine this 'In The Form Of A Sphinx' track in a large reverberating room, where the ice-cold pulsating bassline takes the spacious room into the experience. Love her touch of haziness, that makes her work hypnotic and sensitive.

So definitely listen to Lara's previous work and her mixes on NTS, which are also sick and where her Armenian background is beautifully reflected in her selection of traditional Armenian music that blends into alienating contemporary sounds."

Listen to In The Form Of A Sphinx here:


Sunju Hargun - JIN 04

November 14, 2021

Naone: "This EP gave me a sensation of almost a ‘love at first sight’ when I heard it, from one of the artists who gives me so much inspiration these days; Sunju Hargun. Satisfying in every aspect, all the tracks from this EP can be played in any setting – from a packed dance floor on a Saturday night to an ambient session on Sunday morning. His first track ‘Chale’ would be my ultimate favourite that I cannot stand to not stand if I don’t play it out. It never fails to lift up the dance floor, especially when you hear the playful yet hypnotizing vocal. The second track ‘フーイズカサンドラ’ with the sticky and vile acid line would endlessly cling to your ears and take you to a hectic psychedelic journey of 7 minutes that I could listen to forever. The B-side includes a solid remix from Mark Pinol which seriously builds up the tension and Initial B.B’s downtempo track proves that slower BPM never means less power – it even adds more strength and muscle to the original. I guarantee, both sides will just magically fall in the right moment."

Listen to JIN 04 here:

Dee Diggs

K-HAND - Party Time

October 30, 2021

Dee Diggs: "I have been revisiting this foundational work by the recently departed Kelli Hand aka K-HAND. I've played this particular track in a couple of my recent sets and watched how it lights up the room. I have seen the repetition of "Feel it, Party time, for you, for you", the building momentum of the drums, and that rich heavy organ stab carry dancers from a sway to stomping and jumping with their hands in the air. There is something so inherently uplifting about this track that reinforces just how talented and authentic she was. She still moves us from a place beyond this physical realm. I feel so much gratitude and reverence for all that she accomplished and all she has left us in her musical legacy. I invite you all to pay your respects to the 'First Lady of Detroit Techno' by digging into her HUGE discography, buying some K-HAND records (on vinyl or digi), and giving the amazing K-HAND tribute mix by Russell E.L. Butler a listen. REST IN PEACE & POWER, K-HAND."

Listen to Party Time here:

Coco Bryce

Sempra - Diamond Life 11

October 16, 2021

Coco Bryce: "A bit wankerish perhaps to pick an EP from one of my own labels, but then again – the reason for releasing this is that I think it's simply stunningly beautiful. I first heard of Sempra when LCY showed me a couple of his tunes early last year. And then coincidentally, the man himself sent me some demos shortly thereafter. Blown away by pretty much every single track I heard, I knew right away I wanted to get an EP of his pressed up. Not an easy task, as he kept sending me batch after batch of goodness, making just a 4 track selection damn near impossible. It's got everything I could personally wish for in a jungle record: crisp breaks, lush chord stabs, sugar sweet vocals and bumpin' basslines. The high cuteness factor won't be for everyone, but I for one can't get enough of it, and am eager to hear what he'll come up with next. Hard to pick a favourite, would be a coin toss between 'Rely On U' and 'Love + Joy', with the latter getting the most plays so far, seeing as it's such a perfect song to play early in a set: soothing and laidback, but with a little 'ruff with the smooth' edge when he rolls out the Amens at around the 2 minute mark. Perfect for dancefloors and headphones alike."

Listen to Diamond Life 11 here:

Sicaria Sound

Postdrone - Ready For Nothing

September 30, 2021

Sicaria Sound: "We’ve picked Postdrone’s debut EP, out on Cairo based label Rakete. Each track is intensely dark and hypnotic and weaves across experimental textures; some of them wax and wane, whilst others are heavy hitters throughout. As expected from us there’s a couple of the 140BPM-ish tracks on this release that we’re into, 'Qaha' and 'Blur'. But we’ve got the same love for the militant 'Dawsha FM' (plus Hassan Abou Alam’s remix of it is solid) as well as the stunning opener track, 'AAML'. If you want to hear more from Postdrone yesterday (28th September) he guested Zuli’s essential listening NTS show as part of his Nile Sessions series spotlighting fellow artists from Egypt."

Listen to Ready For Nothing here:

DTM Funk

Elko B. - Realm Of Rides & Romance

September 18, 2021

DTM Funk: "Elko B. (Antwerp) last album Realm Of Rides & Romance brings me to some new music structures. It's a musical trip. From exotica rhythms and western sounds to cinematic grooves. The reason why it's my pick: for me it's probably one of the most progressive and wonderful not danceable albums that I found in 2021. The whole structure of the album brings me to different places. The tune 'Tension, Ride and Romance' brings me to experimental version of a Kil Bill Scene. Since it came out, I listened many times to this album.

P.s. try to listen it when are you cooking."

Listen to Realm Of Rides & Romance here:


Davis Galvin - Errenia

August 20, 2021

CCL: "Those still sleeping on Pittsburg based artist Davis Galvin, it’s time to pry those eyelids open.

Galvin self-released a number of excellent EPs this year on Bandcamp - 9 this year alone (and counting!). Each of them brings something new to the table, arp odysseys, reso-piano, weird tense euphoric wormholes, etc.

It’s hard to choose a favorite but this Errenia release is one I keep coming back to. I am dying to play all three of these weightless brain-benders on some very large stacks and feel my eyeballs jiggle out of their sockets. Vetisone {2627 C} is perhaps my favorite, it’s a disorienting dubbed-out number sure to cause the people counting beats per minute to lose their wigs. Orghu {362 C} is a close second."

Listen to Errenia here:


V/A - PC Music Volume 1

August 10, 2021

Parris: "I stumbled upon this compilation completely by accident while listening to another A.G. Cook track on Spotify and had a flick through the rest of the record. It’s quirky in places but the thing I love the most about it is it’s just a really fun record and does what it’s meant to do which is to be exactly that, fun; it’s not trying to be anything other than PC Music. As someone who’s a fan of Pop music this record is a great example of showing where you can take different kinds of established genres and re-structure what peoples ideas of these are/can be. Personal highlights on the compilation are A.G. Cook - Beautiful and GFOTY - USA which is just so unique and different but so pop."

Listen to PC Music Volume 1 here:

Nathan Kofi

Tomu DJ - Pretty Stuff

July 8, 2021

Nathan Kofi: "Tomu DJ has been on my radar for a little while and rest assured: she will stay on it. Most of my recent mixes included a track by Tomu and she got me hooked ever since. The emotional energy that drives 'Pretty Stuff', one of her recent outings, is unparalleled and hits right in the feels. The tenderly arpeggiated melodic top breathes life energy and gets me high AF. Moving down the frequency ladder we enter energetic breaky drums provoking body movement and introverted head bangz. And since we are slowly entering the post-covid world, this is a tune we can all use on the dancefloor. A voltage-controlled-love-affair stuck in a loop of continued healing."

Listen to Pretty Stuff here:


Noria Lilt - The Insiders of the In​-​Between

June 26, 2021

MSJY: "This one was a no-brainer! A little shameless self promotion too. But I couldn’t be more behind Noria Lilt’s forward thinking vision for this EP. It is a full bodied teleportation to future dystopian hazey raves: a perfect example of taking influences from the past and present to create something with an original attitude. It’s a break-filled melting pot of dismay, the kind of genre-less material I run through the internet landscapes for.

The remix by Atrice is also a masterful new age re-interpretation of 'FEEB'. Pretty much everything they do is bold, slick and sexy. So yes, utterly honoured to be part of this gold class Debut EP and so excited to watch what it brings out of people on dance floors!"

Listen to The Insiders of the In​-​Between here:

French II

Andrea - Sktch

June 12, 2021

French II: "After a great album ('Ritorno'), Andrea comes with a killer release called 'Sktch'. I’m in love with the darkness he brings on this EP, it feels deep and muggy with great atmosphere. He blends different frequencies with almost surgical precision, probably something a lot of fellow producers would admire.

The first track 'Sarec' really takes me away, definitely something I would play out and draw inspiration from. It's cool to see how Andrea merges UK breaky / Dubstep influences with a unique style of mixdown, something that really distinguishes his and the labels' sound. I’m really looking forward to what Andrea has to offer for the future."

Listen to Sktch here:


TURBULANCE - Turbulance

May 21, 2021

AliA: "Dam's illest Kid Sublime, teams up with Georgian badman DJ and producer Mishulino and jazz piano protege Beka Gochiashvili to form the group TURBULANCE. It's a new project, started off in 2017, representing the UK broken beat movement. Kid spoke to his good friend Inkswel & the great Phil Asher (RIP), who functioned as A&R director for the project. They made the connection with Afronaut & Mark Force of CoOperation Records and it was an instant click. The wait is finally over and first response has been wild from bruk aficionados all over the world.

As I'm a brukhead myself, I couldn't resist this album. I can feel the energy from their jam sessions all over my body. Turbulance is definitely the right name to describe this LP. (On the Runnin' track they're doing a really good job on remaking an Earth Wind & Fire track.) Some timeless, grooving, varied stuff that can't be brought under one genre and feeds multiple influences."

Listen to Turbulance here:

Black Cadmium

Dukwa - Think Potential EP

May 8, 2021

Black Cadmium: "It's compelling how Dukwa does it. Taking you from lush to gritty within 20 minutes. Housey Rhodes, retro electro, bass, acid… all preparing you for deep watered electronica.

'Think Potential EP' is the first ep on Transient Nature. A new imprint already heading for greatness. The message is clear, welcome to Dukwa's ritual. Stick with him and he'll keep you raving against the machine! Top tracks: 'It's U' and 'Eye2eye'."

Listen to Think Potential EP here:


Agonis - Neutropia

April 20, 2021

Konduku: "Already one of my favourite LP's of the year is Agonis' debut album 'Neutropia' on Basel based label Amenthia (all their records are definitely worth checking out.) After releasing a few really good techno EP's Agonis has stepped up a notch with this one.

A surreal and hazy trip that is genre-bending and pushing the limits, both his own as well as electronic music's. Slick, focused, diverse yet really coherent. The fresh and playful sounds contrast perfectly with darker and dubbed-out undertones but overall the vibe is light and joyful. A true masterclass!"

Listen to Neutropia here: