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Josey Rebelle

When club matriarch Josey Rebelle recommends a track, you know it’s time to listen. The British artist shines her spotlight on ‘Rusty’s Final Fury’ by Mr. Blix, but also gives us a selection of tracks that belong to her vinyl collection.


"Describing music is not my strong point. All I know is that there still aren’t many highs in my life as pure as trawling for hours through entire oceans of music across a million platforms, struggling to find any soul, guts or grit, feeling myself sinking limply into the weeds, and then suddenly stumbling upon a track that instantly swoops me up from the seabed, music that turns me into an excited teenager all over again, closing my eyes, rewinding twenty times over with the lights off even though I was supposed to leave the house ten minutes ago. Music that has me imagining not just how it will sound in the club this weekend but how it would have sounded at that sick little warehouse I played at seven years ago or hurtling down the motorway at midnight. Thank you Mr. Blix aka Blixboy aka Wanz Dover from Dallas for providing that moment for me with this track - and thanks to all the incredible artists around the world whose sick music fills my record bag and USBs <3"

Anthony Shakir - Fact Of The Matter

"Every single gift Shake has chosen to bestow upon us I gladly receive."

LFO - Track 4

"Coupled with the UK heavyweight champion on the flip, this entire record is the best of the best."

Millsart - Inner-Self

"If I ever need a reminder that I was right to dedicate my life to the rave, this intro alone will do the job."

Box Blaze - First Flavour

"Acid drives me wild - whenever I play this track I get trapped inside it and never want to find my way out."

Hi Times - Journey Into Jazz

"Elite UK garage classic for the connoisseurs."