Dekmantel | Dekmantel Festival 2023 x Bud
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Dekmantel Festival 2023 x Bud
w/ Suze Ijó, mad miran & Young Marco

To celebrate our collaboration with Bud for Dekmantel Festival 2023, we recently made a series of video portraits highlighting three acts on the lineup - Suze Ijó, mad miran, and Young Marco.

Suze Ijó

Suze Ijó is not only bringing her solo selections to Dekmantel Festival this summer; she’s also curating a day at our Connects stage. Ahead of her big Dekmantel Festival 2023 trip, meet the artist in our new short with Bud. "I'm just here to perform my bedroom DJ dreams."

mad miran

Wherever mad miran goes, real vibes follow. In our new Dekmantel Festival 2023 short with Bud, Amsterdam's favourite music maniac lays out the road to "playing her stories for people" and doing things her own way.

Young Marco

Closing our festival on Sunday August 6th, the road to Dekmantel Festival 2023 is an extra special one for Young Marco Ahead of his grand festival finale, Bud meets the Dutch artist and Safe Trip founder to talk past, present and future.