Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 229 - Mall Grab
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There is an effectiveness and simplicity to Mall Grab’s house music that very quickly made him a star.

The artist from an Australian town
makes tracks as dusty as homeland, but imbued with feel good melodies,
irresistible drums and smart samples that elevated them above pure
tools. This raw, instinctive, unfussy sound has found him on labels
like Looking For Trouble as well as the Steel City Discs label he runs
with Jarred Kennedy and Jackson Fitzsimmons. Back in February he
stepped out with an EP under his own name in a mission of
“self-discovery” and it’s a journey the world continues to be closely
tuned in to.

His mix is a high octane selection of brilliantly physical sounds.
From supersized house to throwback breakbeats, he slams it all
together with a fist pumping efficiency that means two hours race by
in a flash. It’s a fun mix, too, with old school rave flavours, saw
tooth stabs and bumping kicks all brimming with the sort of life that
makes Mall Grab such an appealing and accessible talent.