Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 230 - Cera Khin
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After a few years bubbling under, Cera Khin could well be about to breakthrough. And few deserve it more than the Tunisian born, Berlin based artist.

Cera is busy on many different fronts, from hosting radio shows on NTS and Noods to running her own LazyTapes label. It has put out music she has made with Ossia as well as solo 12”s from Peder Mannerfelt, but her has not as yet showcased the full breadth of her tastes which range from Afro to Egyptian grooves, grime, rave and ambient.

This mix is just as wild and full on from the off, but more directly focussed on the dance floor. High energy techno ranges from mutant to acid to hardcore, with corrugated ghetto funk and euphoric rave all mix in with tight and technical skills. It’s a blistering introducing to how Khin sounds in the club and is a great way to kick start your week.