Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 231 - Job Jobse
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We’re all super hyped for Lente Kabinet this weekend so to get us even more excited we’ve got Job Jobse making his entry to the series. He will play a closing set at the festival and as resident at De School is a master for serving up the perfect record at the perfect time.

Initially a slow burner, he’s long been loved by Amsterdam locals for his richly melodic take on house, techno, Italo and disco, and himself is happy to call it trance. It’s certainly a spell being and emotional style that characterises his work here. With something of an old school slant, there are stiff vocal cuts and robotic grooves that slowly loosen up and turn to more hands in the air and zoned out fair before getting more sci-fi and occult later on. As ever with Jobse, it’s feel good and fun without being obvious.