Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 239 - Galaxian
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Galaxian is an arresting artist who blurs the lines between many different sounds and scenes.

A militant style in the booth is matched by his helmet-wearing on stage persona: he gobbles up and spits out anything from industrial to electro, EBM to synth with an impossible amount of energy and improvisation. His dark drum programming and synth eruptions soundtrack cyber attacks that are utterly visceral and unorthodox and ah hour in his presence will leave you feeling exhausted he packs so much in.

This week we have a live recording from his gig at Concrete in Paris from December last year. It’s a blistering trip through his world, a flurry of ideas, textures and genres that sound as if they are fired from a machine gun. It will get you up on your toes and keep you there, leaving you wide eyed and ready for action no matter what time of day you listen to it.