Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 246 - Lauren Hansom
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Australian Lauren Hansom has the sort of expansive and immersive sound that makes her a perfect fit for a range of settings.

She’s proven this with radio shows on Red Light Radio, NTS and Worldwide FM, as well as DJ sets everywhere from Lente Kabinet to Gottwood Festival via plenty of key European clubs. As an avid vinyl collector she delves deep into unknown corners of jazz, soft pop, acid, Balearic, you name it, and stitches everything together with seamless style.

On this week’s mix, Hansom plots a global journey through sound that serves as a perfectly tropical and exotic post—summer comedown. After starting with new age bliss and clean synth tracks, the drums take on many forms from acid to electro to garage, all with a curious future-retro feel and wide range of cultural and musical references.