Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 248 - Katerina
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Bulgarian born, Helsinki based Katerina has a unique take on rhythm and favours unusual moods in her music.

That made her a perfect artist for the always left of centre Cómeme label, where she debuted late last year with a EP of improvised melody, post-industrial beats and lo-fi samples that swelled with fascinating ideas and emotions. In the club, she is unashamedly influenced by DJ Quik but brings her own psychedelic flavours and feelings to anything from techno too electro to punk.

Initially here she takes a more bucolic approach with 20 minutes of genteel ambiance that is eventually consumed by a deep rooted minimal rhythm. The mix stays decidedly delicate and tender in the mid section, with astral pads and muted drums keep you in a state of dreamy hypnosis before getting more dark and unhinged thanks to rugged acid lines, lo-fi techno and a euphoric breakbeat closer that completes this most perfect paced and journeying mix.