Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 249 - Nummer
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Nummer's music is characterised by a passion for obscurity and authenticity. This characterises the records the French pair endlessly dig for, as well as the studio full of custom built and second hand pieces of hardware they collect.

When used to make their own music, the results range from ambient soundscapes to jacking dance floor bangers via electro futurism. It comes on their Nummer Music as well as Going Good with slick stylistic variations that also define this mix for us.

The live and DJ duo create a loose and gangly groove early on here and keep it up over the course of an infectious 80 minutes. There's flabby slow motion techno, wiggling electro funk and cosmic acid call upon along the way. What ties everything together so neatly are the atmospheres around the tracks, which are never less than mysterious and inquisitive, so buckle up and enjoy the trip.