Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 252 - Cleveland
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Cleveland bridges many different musical divides. He is a DJ, producer and party promoter from Luxembourg but based in Brussels, and in all those disciplines likes to focus more on mood and texture than specific genres.

He has a sound that is thought provoking and
complex but never too academic, and has explored the deeper, more
synth heavy end of the dance spectrum on labels like Hivern Discs,
WHITE and ESP Institute.

Across ninety minutes here he offers up lovably loose grooves that
range from musical and lavish to more heads down and propulsive.
Tripped out house bleeds into twisted techno and floating ambient
laced grooves drift next to minimal classics, all in the sort of story
telling fashion that also defines his excellent shows on Red Light
Radio. Heady yet engaging, Cleveland's sound is very much deserving of
your attention.