Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 255 - Plaid
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Plaid's techno is some of the most thoughtful out there, and the way the British pair deliver it is often just as interesting.

Take Ed Handley and Andy Turner's latest album, Polymer, which came with its own interactive web environment and encouraged us to think about the role artificial substances play in our lives. Musically it was a harder-edged mix of broken techno and heavy snares, but still offered the sort of technicality and emotion that has always stood the Warp duo apart.

In their mix for us they put all their many years of know-how into a timeless selection of tense and engaging electronic sounds. It touches on far-gazing and futuristic techno, melancholic ambient passages and on to scintillatingly melodic IDM and twisted jungle. It's a real rollercoaster from two jedis of the scene.