Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 257 - DEBONAIR
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Many people have an NTS show, but few are as closely attached to the London station as much as DEBONAIR.

A key part of the team in its initial days, she has not only become a much loved host, but as Programme Director in the station's first year she helped to make the station the vital and vibrant cultural hub that it is. She is an adventurous DJ who rides rough punk basslines, gnarly electro and EBM as well as various party starting house and techno styles. That ability has taken her to headline sets at cult clubs like De School, DC10 and Panorama Bar and now our podcast series.

It's a mix that very much does its own thing and starts off on a high energy tip with plenty of punchy drums and flailing synths making you immediately cut loose. Things only grow more intense from there with as DEBONAIR explores techno and electro from many different angles - angry and coarse, spaced out and deep, thumping and futurist. This is the sound of a DJ in full flow, going with her instincts and very much keeping you on the edge of your seat and guessing at what might come next.