Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 258 - Kléo
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French born but Amsterdam based for almost 20 years, Kléo draws on her work as a visual artist when she's painting colourful musical landscapes in the DJ booth.

She also takes the same approach when programming soul, jazz and boogie at Café Belgique. It is a homely space that suits her heartfelt sounds, while her Red Light Radio show has become synonymous with music that is just as sensitive. After appearances at both Lentekabinet and Dekmantel Festival before now, she finally brings her bright and beautiful approach to our mix series.

Over the course of two hours she delves deep into lots of cuddly strains of house music from deep and jazzy to romantic, melodic and late night. Her tender touch draws you in close and keeps you there with lots of warm chords, pillowy pads and plenty of love struck grooves. This is one perfectly suited to long winter nights and snuggling up with close friends.