Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 259 - Antenes
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Chicago born Antenes is a Brooklyn based synth obsessive. She builds her own modulars and then sets them to the future to cook up rough edged warehouse tracks that are gritty and bleakly atmospheric, as well as more textured, detailed ambient work.

She has done installations at Moogfest as well as playing as far afield as China, Colombia and Japan, and has appeared on LIES, Silent Season, Bunker NY and Mord. She DJs as well as playing live, has roots in goth and industrial as well as noise from her early years playing guitar, but also has a real love of techno, electro and experimental.

Her darkly absorbing mix for us this week includes tracks from Electric Indigo, Stephanie Merchak, Fjader, Oisel, Rrose, Lonefront, DJ ESP, Erica Mar, Wata Igarashi, Silent Servant, Ewa Justka, Bergsonist and Uun. It reflects her interest in a healthy amount of ominous dance hypnagogia while also drawing from a large pool of influences from the experimental to her roots in the Midwest. “The ESP track in there has some weird filtering and panning with the crunchy drums for example,” she says, “I love hearing how raw it is”.