Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 264 - Nene H
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Nene H has been hailed as one of techno's most strikingly singular artists. In the studio she mixes up her passion for folk and religious music as well as bruising club sounds with layers of spirituality, found sound and analogue aesthetics.

Despite only first getting involved in the scene in 2015, she is already at home at places like Berlin Atonal, either playing live or laying down a DJ set, and also has a masters in piano.

As a DJ she can often sound quite different to how she does in the studio: her mix here is hyperactive affair that will well and truly kick start your 2020 with brutal drum patterns and twisted electronics that take no prisoners. There's also distorted techno rap and malfunctioning club music tightly woven together in a light speed mix that somehow packs all this and more into just one hour.