Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 265 - Gigsta
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It might well have been her set at Freerotation in summer 2018 that really got people talking about Gigsta. It was there that the hardcore heads in the crowd were all abuzz with her fresh mix of heavy bass, house funk, off kilter rhythms and kinked synths.

Since then she has become more and more visible at key parties round Europe, not only as resident at Berlin's Room 4 Resistance but also through her painstakingly researched and assembled radio shows for Cashmere, where she takes cues from literature, NASA launches, spoken word pieces and plenty more.

As the eagled-eyed will know, Gigsta has already been confirmed for Dekmantel Selectors in August, but to keep us going until then she has served up a special mix for us. You never know what you'll get with the Belgian artist, it could be hard and fast, could be grime, or could be garage. Here she goes for creepy and unsettling ambiance that eventually gets contorted into warped bass music, hyperactive club, hammering techno and euphoric jungle. It shows an unrivalled command of tempo and makes for a real seat-of-your pants ride.