Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 266 - Millos Kaiser
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Milos Kaiser is already confirmed for Dekmantel Selectors this August, and the São Paolo selector is exactly the sort of man you want to hear playing on a sunny beach.

Over the past decade he has constantly excited people with his far ranging sets of rare and unknown gems. They represent every facet of Brazil's rich musical tapestry but always become dance floor heaters in his hands. He runs his own bar, Caracol, with friends, and is known for making his own edits of the tunes he plays.

Over 70 minutes here he goes deep into a smorgasbord of synth sounds from tropical to pop, darker to more electro tinged. There are long legged and laid back grooves to get you slowly bumping, and more punchy tracks that get hands in the air and the good times flowing. All in all it makes for a joyous listen that is so warm and bright you will almost be able to feel the rays on your face and the sand between your toes.