Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 271 - DJ Plead
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DJ Plead is a comparatively new alias for an artist who has been busy on the Melbourne scene for years. Jarred Beeler started as part of a DJ trio, then played in a percussive dance duo known as Poison, but as DJ Plead he has made most impact.

Drawing on the Arab influences that come from being half Lebanese, he layers Middle Eastern percussion on top of lithe club rhythms and the results on labels like Nervous Horizon and DECISIONS are electrifying.

This week's podcast proves he's also a master of threading together unhinged grooves and weird syncopations in the club. At times the drums are piled up so high and unevenly they feel like they're about to collapse in a heap around you, at others they're drawn out and deeper, sinking you into a hypnosis. Worldly drum sounds and intoxicating eastern melodies colour in the airwaves throughout, making this a series of glorious sonic collisions that up to one hell of a dance.