Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 272 - Nazira
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Nazira is a real powerhouse. She has almost single handedly built up an electronic music scene in her native Almaty in Kazakhstan.

She runs her own ZVUK nights in a range of unique settings, was responsible for bringing a one off edition of Unsound to the region in 2017, and after word spread about her skills, she has gone on to represent around Europe while hosting workshops back home that aim to grow local talents. All this is even more impressive given how far removed her hometown is from the rest of the global circuit.

As a DJ, host on Radio Cómeme and resident at Berlin’s Room 4 Resistance, Nazira brings physicality and angular rhythm to her work. For this week’s mix, she kicks off with skeletal bass and huge open spaces of futuristic ambiance before the jittery techno and industrial drum loops take over. Melodies rarely appear, instead the mood is dark, heads down, and focussed. It is the sound of an artist who is assured and uncompromising, which is a perfect reflection of the DJ behind it.