Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 275 - Emma DJ
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France’s Emma DJ - not to be confused with Japan’s DJ Emma - had a hugely prolific 2019 that resulted in no fewer than three artist albums.

The Paris-based Fusion Mes Couilles boss deals in abrasive textures and broken techno rhythms that chew up ambient, IDM, breakbeats and acid and spit them out in thrilling new forms. His year started with some debut shows in the USA, he also recently started his own show on France’s LYL Radio, and now keeps us entertained through the global lockdown with this week’s podcast.

It starts with some paranoid, scene-setting ambience, sounds of factory automation and spoken words that are perfectly unsettling for these unprecedented times. When drums eventually appear, they’re slow and purposeful, there’s floating techno, visceral industrial and a flurry of breakbeats that are all run through with a real sense of dark mystery and otherworldliness. This is an intriguing mix that will keep you coming back for more.