Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 276 - Mark Fell
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It is fair to say that Mark Fell is one of Rotherham's most acclaimed musical exports.

His work is steeped in the industrial overtones that define the region in the North of England that also includes nearby cities like Sheffield and bands like Human League and Cabaret Voltaire. In particular, this sound artist and producer focusses on fusing together fragments of experimental, minimal music that has political overtones and unsettling, out-of-context atmospheres. He's released albums on Raster-Notion and Editions Mego, is one half of SND and performs at only the most avant-garde of clubs and festivals.

This week he serves up some brilliant darkness and carefully deconstructed rhythms that will shake your bones and your brain cells loose. Artists that deal in soot-black synth, electro and post-punk sounds like Human League, Florian Hecker and Depeche Mode all appear, but there are also masterful sidesteps into hip hop, disco, pop from David Guetta, and words from William Burroughs. All these sounds take on hugely different moods and meanings when put together as part of Fell's unique lexicon, and make it a mix full of brilliantly unexpected moments.