Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 277 - rRoxymore
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rRoxymore’s music exists in the murky territory between house and techno. It is music you can dance to, but that never seems to be its primary intention.

Shifting synth sequences bring rhythm, exotic percussion bring worldly feelings and her rugged and deconstructed drum machines bring inventive grooves. The Berlin based French artist herself calls it “mercy-less house” and has put most of it out on Don’t Be Afraid, including her Face to Phase album later last year, which was an album full of intriguing and exploratory sound scapes.

In the past, rRoxymore has played percussion in a rock band, played hip hop and rare groove and soundtracked art installations, so she brings that widescreen understanding of groove to this week’s mix. It’s a leftfield selection of humid and tropical rhythms that dangle like vines in a jungle before morphing into broken and syncopated beats with a heavy low end. It’s compelling, stripped back rhythm music that seems to takes cues from UK funky, EBM, disco, techno and plenty more besides.