Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 284 - Garçon
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Garçon rightly considers himself an "expert in mood modulation." He is someone who carefully builds a groove, teasing with snippets, dropping in and out of tunes and drawing out the process of gratification and please.

The Swiss man does it as resident at Elysia in Basel, often with a techno foundation but drawing on niches from all over the electronic spectrum. He co-runs the Amenthia Recordings label with Agonis and has said it takes its musical identity from the utilitarian space of his home club.

This mix was recorded there last Friday, with CDJs and 1210s, but also a Space Echo that adds extra depth throughout. Starting in a cavernous industrial space from the off, the sound of sonic decay, eerie reverb and slow motion rhythmic automation all provide details that draw you ever deep into this industrial scene. As the drums become more prominent and the tempo hurries, the mood is no less unsettling and deserted. Broken techno, lurching bass and dark dub all feature in this most skilfully restrained yet highly impactful selection.