Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 287 - Kelly Lee Owens
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Welsh singer, musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens has come a long way since her former life as a nurse. That was during her teens, before she went on to work in London's Pure Groove Records, play bass in shoegaze band History of Apple Pie and then link with Daniel Avery to provide vocals on his Drone Logic album.

Those sessions had a big impact and served as the catalyst that fully converted Owens to techno. In 2017, her self titled debut album confirmed she was a vital new voice and picked up critical acclaim. Showcasing a bouncy, pop laced take on the genre, it was truly unique and will be followed up by new album Inner Song in August this year.

Ahead of that comes a mix that plays with bendy bass and rubber kick drum patterns that can go from club ready and physical one moment to more eerie and unsettling the next. Drones, resonant frequencies and a real grasp of empty space and absorbing atmosphere all define the journey, which means there is plenty of time to think, get drawn in and lost in sound.