Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 290 - Talismann
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Talismann is the techno alias of the Dutch house artist Makam. Under this name he makes dark, dubby, wormhole techno that is designed for dance floor meditation, and he exclusively serves it up on his own self titled label.

The man behind the music stays in the shadows, and while his output is often heavy and doom laden, it is also alluring mysterious and atmospheric in a way that is never too oppressive.

Today we're treated to a special mix filled with up-to-now unreleased tracks from Talismann's forthcoming, multi-part album 'Percussion'. Part 1 lands today on Bandcamp, however, with more to follow later in summer. Hearing all this material together in a mix, as the artist indeed, is a special treat which makes for a perfectly sequenced trip through empty industrial spaces, thronging warehouses and alien planets. It is hugely rhythmic, compelling techno, but is finished with a subtle sense of sound design that makes it as cerebral as it is physical.