Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 292 - Kate Miller
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It was local word of mouth that elevated Australian Kate Miller from local to international notoriety.

Her ability to fluidly jump genres and eras always leaves dance floors in a spin, and after emerging in Melbourne she followed the music to Berlin when she eventually became resident at the Oscillate party at ://about blank. Those sets allowed her the freedom to explore and pick up a fan base, and now she is someone who tells long and winding stories, with selections and feelings that define her sets more than tempo or technicality.

The 90 minute session Kate lays down for us is perfectly warm and rhythmic. It's united by rubbery kicks and deep, warm sub bass, but ever changing kick patterns and synths that range from absorbing and ambient to dark and paranoid always keep things moving. It is the sound of a DJ who is always in control, a masterclass in tension and release that means you're always on the edge, excited for what is to come.

FFT - Forward
Ulla - Leaves and Wish
D. Tiffany - 4leaf
DJ Sacom - Wisdom
DJ Python - ooophi
Toma Kami - Unreleased
ITOA - Top Deck
Spooky - J - Pfer
YOUTH - Diamonds
Facta - 4C Loop
Cop Envy - Diving Board
Mr. Mitch - Need More Fashion Friends
SP:MC - Vintage
Low End Activist - 19STR8BK
Sepehr - Unfold Your Myth
Kush Jones - Pre-Club Workout (feat. DJ Swisha & James Bangura)
James Bangura - Broken Mind
Jana Rush - Midline Shift
DJ Fulltono - Melt into the Floor
Raime - Ripli
SNKLS - Isandula
Flore - Uncoded Language
FFT - Fask
Toma Kami - Unreleased
El Trick - Ko ko dak dak
J. Majik - Hold
Youexael - Composure
Kate Miller - Parker Street