Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 293 - Jossy Mitsy
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One of Jossy Mitsu's skills is her versatility. She was born and raised in Birmingham before moving to London, so has been exposed to, and immersed in, a wide array of scenes.

From jungle to 2step, techno to house, rave to leftfield, she has knowledge of it all and never fails to throw it down in electrifying style. Her Rinse FM radio show has proved that over the last few years, and earlier this year the 6 Figure Gang associate made her production debut on Astral Black's Frass FM compilation with the brilliantly bumping 'Whirl.'

That track's cavernous bass and sparse late night atmosphere also characterises this week's mix. It's a selection filled with broken beats and metallic hits that lurch through desolate landscapes. As much as she can nail an absorbing atmosphere, Mitsu also knows just how to raise the levels by banging through flailing jungle, wild rave and blistering techno. But whether the hits are crisp and the kicks taught, swampy synths and low end wobble blast from the speakers or dark and dirty breaks bust out of the mix, this is pure body music that cannot fail to ignite your dancing spirit.