Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 295 - Carrot Green
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Carrot Green is very much a product of his Brazilian homeland. He makes and plays music that can place you deep into a freaky and humid jungle techno party, or transport you to a chilled out beach comedown.

He played a masterful set of mellowness for us at our Sao Paulo festival way back in 2017 and by then he had already released a range of organic, deep and Latin flavoured house EPs. His latest release came in July on DJ Ground's Japanese Chill Mountain label and featured a pair of "murky late-night slow dub affairs," that get right under your skin.

As this week's podcast proves, Carrot Green can pack all of those sounds and more into a one hour mix that will leave you breathless. It starts out with intoxicating and worldly ambient sounds but soon gets stuck into exotic house then slick and slamming techno. After working you into a frenzy with tight mixing and superb selections, he pulls back to mystic ancient dub sounds that leave you perfectly enchanted.