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Retired rapper, outdoor garms connoisseur, king of the blend, genre bender extraordinaire... there is no one quite like Teki Latex.

The Frenchman has a rare but healthy insouciance when it comes to rules and conventions of the dance floor, so isn't afraid to drop hip hop in a techno club, or weave a forgotten pop vocal into a contemporary club banger. He gets away with it because his hyperactive mind is matched by his hyperactive skills and the results are never less than brilliantly WTF?!

Because a Teki Latex DJ sets has you riding by the seat of your pants, they can feel improvised and off the cuff, but in fact they are often meticulously planned. That is surely the case with this week's podcast, which is 75 spell binding minutes of musical ping-pong. It jumps around with the energy of a thousand frogs from UK funky to blistering techno, old school jungle to original 2-step via divisive summer smash 'WAP' and plenty of who knows what else. One thing's for sure, it will make you smile as much as it makes you dance.