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China's 33EMYBW is part of a wave of producers around the world who are bringing a wealth of new ideas and plenty of fresh energy to the club music realm.

She releases what she calls "limb dance" on Shanghai label SVBKVLT and is inspired by "insects, spiders, crustaceans and other exoskeletal creatures", which she tries to translate into music that gives the perception that you are surrounded by tiny dancing creatures. She has been busy recently, too, with a new composition called 'Intermission' coming out on the forthcoming Unsound Festival album, as well as a new track coming out in December on the second 'Cache' compilation on SVBKVLT.

For this week's podcast, 33EMYBW serves us up a live recording, made exclusively from her own music and mostly unreleased, with plenty of demos, new ideas and improvised sections included along the way. It is a fine snapshot of where she is at right now - which seems to be somewhere in an extra-terrestrial realm inhabited by impish spirits and alien lifeforms. Her synth lines ping pong about the mix with a mind of their own, her samples are mangled and distorted and her drum patterns wilfully off grid. It's a trippy world of sound that still manages to explore plenty of emotional nuances despite the otherworldly vibe and pure physicality of it all.