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300 up! And who better to help us mark this milestone than Parrish Smith, a core member of the Dekmantel family for a number of years.

Not only a much loved regular at our festivals, he is also at home on Dekmantel UFO when not releasing on L.I.E.S.. Smith's famously full-throttle body music has a distinctive analogue edge whether raw and industrial, or acid laced and raved up. Does that make him Holland's most punk DJ? Quite possibly, because his ability to bring sonic terror to any dance floor is second to none, no matter what tools he uses.

This week, he brings his bristling and unrelenting energy to your home stereo, headphones or car with all the disregard for genre you would expect. Across 90 punishing minutes there are distorted techno drums and caustic synths, brightly lit strobes and death metal vocals that will scare you to your core. Managing to keep a lid on such a high octane and confrontational mix of darkened sounds is a skill in itself, and one that Parrish Smith has long since mastered. This one, then, is not for the faint of heart.