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OMOLOKO is part of the new wave of artists who are leading the Brazilian scene from the front.

His colourful 101Ø party in Belo Horizonte is one the most exciting in the country thanks to its exchange of artists both nationally and internationally. Having lived all over Brazil, his own music is infused with all the various niche scenes and sounds you would hear if you travelled the country, from disco to world music, techno to broken beat. His reputation has seen him booked at landmarks like Panorama Bar as well as our own festival in Amsterdam, and now he joins our podcast ranks with a mix that represents his open-hearted, free flowing style perfectly.

It is a selection that perfectly captures an outdoor, sun kissed summer vibe from the off. The funky drum patterns, the tropical r&b, the Latin hip hop all ooze warmth and soul and make for an instant party. As the long legged drums get more upright and tempos increase, the grooves remain steamy and humid and do an expert job of transporting to a different climate entirely. This is exactly the sort of timeless mix you will come back to for years to come.