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Multidisciplinary artist Alicia Carrera brings some induced hypnotism to the Dekmantel Podcast this week.

Alicia Carrera has been quietly working away in the underground for a number of years. She is Barcelona based after a spell in Berlin, and is a multi-disciplinary talent who works as a graphic artist, photographer and editorial designer all while managing the cult Hivern Discs label and (in other times) spinning weird and wonderful DJ sets all round Europe. She has a penchant for sounds that come from opposite ends of the spectrum - colourful and psychedelic, dark and experimental, slow and cosmic or more hard and techno - and hearing her join these up is always a thing to behold, as are her radio shows for the likes of NTS Radio amongst others.

This week, no doubt mindful of the fact many of us are spending most of our time at home, she takes on a far-flung journey through mid tempo grooves and cinematic sounds. It's a mind-expanding trip that opens with worldly ambiance and takes you through a number of wide open spaces littered with sombre trumpets, gently tumbling jazz drums and cosmic drones. It's pensive and absorbing as it slowly shifts through the gears, and is a perfect catalyst for escapism.

1- Akira Ito - Mitu
2- Lazyboyz - sticky fruit
3- ∂∞¬ß (Bato Bato) - Sendero del la Carded Decente
4- Cosmofonica - Космическая навигация
5- רר (rare) - Cowcat
6- Doug Wimbish - Logdrum
7- Nick Mackrory - Montana
8- Cray76 - Apnea
9- Itesa - Instituto Itesa
10- Nick Mackrory - Smoke & Mirrors
11- Plan Black V Dog - Samhain
12- Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give