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Mary Lake grew up in France, Algeria and The Netherlands, so has also been exposed to a broad mix of music.

In recent years she has distilled that into her own often frenetic rhythms, always with a perspective that is left of centre, but never too far out to lose the attention of her dance floors. It was on her NTS show Worshipping Discordia where she first showcased her distinctive collisions of electronica, folk and globally influenced sounds, but since then has become a firm favourite at clubs all over Europe, Australia and beyond.

Lake's distinctive sense of rhythm is at the heart of this week's mix. The often stripped-back tracks she seamlessly stitches together have drum programming so compelling that little else is needed to keep you locked. Whether riding up and down on a rubbery loop, skating over busy poly rhythms or sinking deep into more linear and minimal cuts, this is pure, seductive body music from someone who exerts expert control at all times.

Tano - When You Change Sides
Konduku - Ayva
Martyn Bootyspoon - Jacuzzi
Alfredo92 - Mimis
Transparent Sound - Beneath Beauty
Dawan - Thanos
HVL - Armadillo Beat
OK EG - Triple Point (forthcoming on Animalia)
Matt Finnegan - M50
Peak Pilots - Twisted Fancy
Paste - Pastete
TWR72 - Gaiter
Nathan Homan - Error (unreleased)
B’Zircone - Azure (forthcoming on Kalahari Oyster Cult)
Human Space Machine - Cycle
Image Man - Else