Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 313 - VTSS
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VTSS is as fierce and direct as they come in the DJ booth.

She came up in Poland's most edgy clubs and since moving to Berlin has been an unstoppable force who has made her always ravey mark on the wider European scene. She's collaborated with Randomer as Body Sushi and with Varg as VARGTSS, and always offers a thrilling barrage of hardcore, EBM and caustic techno from across the ages.

It seems fitting that VTSS takes care of the last podcast of the year because she imbues it with the same pent up tension, confusion and unknowing that has defined the last 12 months. Her selections confront you head on and never let up whether reaching for strobe lit rave, hype speed techno or warped broken beats. Controlled chaos is the best way to describe it, so strap in and prepare to cut loose.