Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 314 - Khotin
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Khotin has served up a free flowing range of multi-genre experiments since announcing himself with a soft-hued acid album on 1080p back in 2014.

Now involved with running Normals Welcome as well as releasing on DFA, Pacific Rhythm and Public Release, his music is united by a distinctive take on melody, post-club melancholy and love for downtempo sounds. He crafts blissful songs filled with nostalgic feelings and is exactly the sort of artist in whom we can all find some sort of solace.

And this mix is a perfect tonic for reluctant bodies with its slowly cascading rhythms and soft focus melodies serving as a gentle New Year wakener. It's laced with perfectly dreamy pads and ramshackle drums that are never too forceful but always compelling. While often invitingly sombre in mood, the clouds do break along the way to bring moments of real lightness and joy just when you need it.


Steven Halpern - Voyager (Halpern Sounds)
Cem G - Don't Go (Red Motorbike)
The Bionaut - The Juicy Reminder (Harvest)
Ekoclef - Lens Flare Oh Yeah (Magic + Dreams)
Monoton - Ein Wort (Desire Records)
Satoshi & Makoto - Reconstruction (Safe Trip)
Khotin - ? (Unreleased)
Tapes, 7Fo - C20 (EM Records)
Jesse Futerman Ft. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Luckey (Peaking Lights Remix) (Pacific Rhythm)
NAP - Íntima (Sin Vox ft. Davie Biddle) (Experience Ltd.)
Nadia Khan - Conversation (Scissor and Thread)
INNSYTER - Morning Blend (Good Morning Tapes)
DJ Ice Tits - Lord Sphere (Mystical Disco)
Khotin - ? (Unreleased)
Unknown Mobile - Wailing Spruce (Unreleased)
CIM - Comfort Control (Delsin)
Flip Liquid & DJ Kerby - Claire is Cold (Unreleased)
DJ Ageishi & Ackin - Rain Parade (Mark E Remix) (Internasjonal)
Danielle Baldelli - Kata Sandi (Mondo Groove)
Leo Gunn - Mondub (Deep Explorer)
Füxa - Metro (Mind Expansion)
Polistirex - Soursop Blues (Unreleased)
Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw - Fofner (MIDA)
Novisad - Verlauf (Tomlab)
Pauline Anna Strom - Rain On Ancient Quays (Rvng Intl.)
Richard Lamb - Agitation Dub (Temple)
Kath Bloom, Loren Mazzacane - Look At Me (St. Joan)