Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 319 - James Bangura
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Former military man and marching band member James Bangura is an artist who has roamed the world and picked up musical influences at every stop on the way.

Be it drum & bass in Alabama, blog house in California or the rich house sound of New York, this Washington DC native is now distilling all those references into his own searing sounds. They have come on labels like Mister Saturday Night and can range from sauced out to brutally energetic.

And the latter of those two is what defines his unrelenting mix for us. It is a hard hitting collision of raw, decaying textures, pummeling drums and stark, post industrial atmospheres that are thrillingly harsh. The rhythms roam from the fringes of techno to the heart of jungle and on to an icy but powerful minimalism that very much consumes your body. So strap in, cause this is one helluva ride.

Kessler - Old Wives Tale
Alex R – z50
Moa Pillar – Distorted
LOFT – forthesmallparty//gabrielinacorner
James Shinra – At The End Of The World
Lurka – Choke
D.Dan – Escape From The Echo Chamber
Keepsakes- Ignorant Irony (UVB Remix)
Surgeon – Aqua Marina
JamesBangura – Back Room Shenanigans
Da Geto DJ
Xen Chron – Deleted Vapor
Zeki 808 – Hole Flow
Trinity Carbon – International Bassline
OddKut – Bring Me Down
Sharpson – Skinny Mysterio
Meld – Forgot My Brain (LWS Remix)
Fiesta Soundsystem – Foundation
Al Wootton – Graver
Aleksandir – I Used to Dream
J. Albert – Jazz (Final Boss Edit)
Moa Pillar – Leftovers
Broken Deck – New Myths
JamesBangura – Pins N Needles
Consulate – RZ Canin
Delroy Edwards – White Owl
Motion Ward - Tone