Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 321 - Giant Swan
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Bristol's Giant Swan came to dance music after formative years as guitarists in the band The Naturals. This lends them a genuinely outsider perspective which means their music breaks rules the pair of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright didn't even know existed.

Coming on labels like Keck, Timedance and Whities, it is caustic and twisted, textured and dense with layers of abrasive sonic fuzz. Add in harsh vocals and unrelenting beats and you have a duo that sits in their own unique world somewhere between noise, techno, experimental and rock.

There is no concession to your lockdown life in the mix they serve up for us this week. It is a banging and thrilling collision of hi NRG techno, juke, hardcore and bass that bristles with confrontational energy and raw texture while making improbable leaps from Dizzee Rascal to DJ EARL, Kangding Ray to SOPHIE, SOPHIE to Theo Parrish.

Anima - Fairy
Lil Asaf & MFKZT - Thabat
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - Tachyon Particles
NARA - Daddy I Want A Pony
House Of Suns - YOWL
Nero - Guilt (ALRT edit)
Emily Glass - Little Puzzle
Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone (Mun Sing remix)
TEXTASY + KREGGO - The Definitive Hardcore Anthem
DJ Ltd. - smth evrywhr
Freddie Dredd - GTGx2 (Nastytekk RMX take2)
Mogan - State (sarahsson remix)
Willow Smith - Whip My Hair
Swan Meat - Swans Lament
Ice Eyes - Maps of Despair (ABADIR Remix)
Yilan - Underwater Construction
Simo Cell - Cassdédi Au Méta
Etch - I Luv Etch (Dizzee Rascal refix)
poundshop - Rookies (ft. LEN)
DJ Diamond - Torture Rack
DJ EARL - Ya Bish
Kush Jones - Number 10
Swisha & Kush Jones - GTB
E-Saggila - Mouth In Reach
The Locust - Scavenger, Invader
Manni Dee - Exploit Me I'm Yours
AnD - We
NYCO - Echelon
DJ Nobu - Koko (Takaaki Itoh remix)
Kangding Ray - Khat
E-Unity - Late Tate Tale
Paul Birken - Funnel Fiends
BFTT - Suchblush
Tzusing & Hodge - LCD
Call Super & Parris - Design Of A Lost Sublime
Trevino - Sombre Tones
Regis - Eros In Tangiers
SOPHIE - Faceshopping
Pissed Jeans - The Jogger
Ziúr - Now Now
Speaker Music - A Genre Study of Black Male Death and Dying
Theo Parrish - Lost Angel