Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 325 - Lukid
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Lukid is about as low key as they come. Somehow, he's managed to remain in the shadows despite making music - either solo or as half of Rezzett - for cult labels like Actress' Werkdiscs and The Trilogy Tapes, as well as his own Glum.

His style is hard to define and can take in anything from caustic sonic collages to experimental and abstract sound design via lo-fi house and blistering beats. Since 2018 he has also made old school jungle as Refreshers, but whatever he does, it always explores the outermost fringes. The same is always true of his never less than adventurous transmissions on NTS each month.

In just 55 minutes for us this week, he serves up a breathless trip through hugely kinetic sounds that could be 30 years old or not out till next month. Amongst the colliding energies of hardcore, jungle and rave he will often drop a pitched up vocal so soulful and emotive it hurts, before racing onto the next flurry of drums. Frankly, it's a high speed mix of hyper real sounds that acts like a double shot of adrenaline straight into your bloodstream. You have been warned.


Chester Raj Anand - In the Light
DJ Club 12345 - Flux
Hontos - A3
H-Fusion - Entity 07
Refreshers - Do U Remember
Protect-U - Cambridge, MA @ Studio 550 11.18.17
Dread D - Paradox
Mystry / Spooky - Pulse 8 / Joyride
Wrong Water - Solvent
Nicholas G. Padilla - Areito I
Ja Ru - FM Bill Track
Little Artist - Cancel Copenhagen
Refreshers - Crumbling Down
Mega Nugz - Mess Around
Red Light - Cocaine
The Inquisition - C.F.F.O.
Sahasara - Immerse
A Guy Called Gerald - So Many Dreams (Remix)
The Noise of Art - Rollin Deep (Smokey Joe Remix)
Refreshers - How Bout U