Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 328 - Wonja
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Wonja is an elite level record collector. The Oakland-based DJ and producer has been putting together mixes for many years that are filled with music that is hard to describe, let alone to find.

From teary-eyed Italo disco to her series of Wood Glass Metal mixes via world music and more club ready sounds, she is a Jedi-level digger who also occasionally produces solo, or with partner Dan as Motoko & Myers. Her main priority, though, is to devour and share as much music as possible.

This week's podcast is a two hour trip to the outer edges of Wonja's collection that her partner describes as "hard sci-fi party tracks." It is a wide open and spacious selection where alien details, solar pulses and cosmic motifs all drift by as scattered percussion only hints at the most skeletal rhythms. Nothing about the tracks is at all familiar, and all genre terms are redundant. Even when more propulsive grooves do arrive, the sound sources are wonderfully weird and abstract, yet the desire to dance is as primal and compelling as ever. Few mixes are as full of WTF?! moments as this one.