Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 329 - Gavilán Rayna Russom
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Gavilán Rayna Russom is an accomplished and multi-disciplinary artist who works in the fields of performance, visual art, film, and writing.

Musically, the New York composer necessarily works under a wide array of alias in order to capture the broad range of sounds she makes. From experimental drone techno as Hail of Arrows to acid and EBM under her own name via new wave as Black Meteoric Star, to touring extensively with LCD Soundsystem: she is impossible to pin down. In 2020, she founded the Voluminous Arts label as a home for boundary-pushing artists. She also released Secret Passage, an album of ambient created around her memories of growing up in the East Side Rail Tunnel which runs for one mile under the streets of Providence, Rhode Island. Later this year, another full length is due under her Black Meteoric Star alias.

As a DJ of 30 year's experience, Rayna is just as free-range, and she demonstrates that is this week's mix. At over three hours long, it is an epic oeuvre with many different chapters. There are passages of fuzzy, distorted ambient with a muted industrial clatter that take you to those underground train tracks, pieces of sound art that pair spoken word with icy wave minimalism, plus thrilling club, rock, and noise selections that are all coated in layers of grit and grime. Keeping the intensity so high, for so long, is no mean feat. But in Gavilán Rayna Russom's hands, it seems effortless.


Raymond Pettibon w/ Super Session - Bit O' Bitsy
Yasuyuki Uesugi - Harmful
Began Began - Computer Wars (intro)
Corybantes - Untitled Excerpt
The Hanatarash & His Eye - Pointless Brosers and Sisters, Suicidal Budda, Audio Gunshot - Two
Gavilán Rayna Russom - Abebe Oshun
Crystal Peñalosa - Echo Seep
Inga Mauer & Hellboi - Space Trac B9
The Creep - Anger Gulag
Fehlfarben - Apokalypse
Russell E.L. Butler - Intro (Low Vibes)
Gavilán Rayna Russom - Miraculous Interpenetration
Moor Mother & Billy Woods - Rapunzal
Slug - King of Ghosts
Robert E Livingood - Listening to the Lichens
DYS - Escape
Dark Nerd - Ferox I
Syanide - Impact 05 C
Experiment Zero - The Non Assay Sound of the Underground
HTID - Rush Into Orbit (Skinnergate)
Todd Machover - Fusione Fugace
Russell E.L. Butler - Context Clues
Kamasi Washington - Seven Prayers
Rat Porridge - Death
Star Eyes - Leather Strap
Missing Foundation - Perversion
Faka - Kgotso
Burning Water - Burning Water
Burn - Drown
Dynamix II - Yellow Beats
C.L.A.W.S. & Tyrel - Chomping at the Bit
No Eyes - Feeling Like a Phreak
Colin Potter - Yoursmine
Quintron - 000 Guitar Solo
D84 - Hr16bubble (_)-Codes of Masochism
Not Waving - Work Talk
La Chatte - Une Femme Monsieur
Person of Interest - What You Think You Want
Aaron Dilloway - The Hideous Reality
Unknown Artist - Wargames122 Track 1
Swan Meat - St Cecilia
Sweater on Polo - Suburban Crime Jackers
Centuries - Untitled (03)
Sweetzach - Angels Blocking my Driveway
Paper Eyes - Bang! Bang!
Scraaatch - U Don't Know Until U Come
Mercenarias - Policia
Model Home + Saint Abdullah - Remembrance pt 2
Faust - Just a Second
Elbee Bad - A New Age of Faith