Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 335 - Nadia Struiwigh
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For Sydney-based Dutch artist Nadia Struiwigh, ambient is a way of life.

It has always been a vehicle for her to convey memories and emotions in slow, absorbing, drawn-out movements that blur the lines between techno, industrial, and something else altogether. It is at the heart of what she does with IAMBient, where you can book online sound healing or spiritual coaching sessions. It often soundtracks the Twitch channel she runs from her studio, offering live sets, gear reviews and more. It has also formed the backbone of the two albums she has put out on Central Processing Unit and Denovali Records, as well as the new one that is due on Nous'klaer Audios later this year.

But she can also do deep, sleek, beat-driven music that makes a physical impact. Her Oooso EP for Nous'klaer Audio in March showed that, and this week's mix backs it up. Over the course of an increasingly intense hour, she layers up pressurised drones and throbbing pads, static-laced synths lumpy drums that are constantly ascending. It makes for a distinctly linear sound; a meditation on rhythm and movement that cannot fail to hypnotise anyone who gives it their full attention.