Dekmantel | Dekmantel Podcast 336 - Vale Budino
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Vale Budino describes herself simply as a ‘music lover,’ but ‘music obsessive’ might be more apt.

Since moving to Berlin from her native Italy in 2018, she has spent just about every penny she’s earned on records. Afro, Italo, funky, new wave, disco, soundtracks, you name it, she has it. The diversity of her taste slowly but surely won her the ears of people in the know and she became resident for Discodromo and DJ Boris’ party CockTail d’Amore having already founded her own event, Oscillator. In the last year, she has also become Music director and project lead at Terminal of Babylon, “a performative game and a social experiment in authority, fluidity and chance” hosted in Berlin.

A grand and theatrical track opens this week's mix as if it were a Hollywood movie from the 60s before crashing beats take you to the heart of the party. There is then a real sense of occasion to each and every mix. Euphoric Italo sits next to sleazy wave, tripped out cosmic minimalism brushes up with disco rap that is high on attitude. Every track is so full of flavour, passion and energy that you cannot help but react in the most physical of ways. What a ride.